Brand Focus: Mally Beauty

Hi y’all!

Hope everyone is well.

Oh boy, February was insane! So much happening with family celebrations and work, and little to no time to blog!

I just want to start by saying THANK YOU for all the love and support I have been receiving from you guys! I am so lucky and blessed, to have a great community of excellent bloggers supporting me! For that and all THANK YOU!!!

I have always been into trying new make up brands, specially from Make up artists, that understand the importance of it.

I have heard of Mally when it came out, but only the past 2 months I have been using it, and let me tell you, it’s absolutely amazing!

Mally Beauty was created by Mally Roncal. I have seen her work before and her appearances in well known American shows, and she has the most attractive personality! She really comes across as a super passionate make up artist and I absolutely love it!

“Make-up is simply the accessory that allows someone’s true nature and beauty to outwardly manifest itself”
Mally Roncal

The packaging is divine and really quite appealing!

It is true what they say, you desire things with your eyes first.

All the blushers, powder foundations and 11026610_10205603145654744_2032299186_neyeshadow pallets have a big mirror, so you can apply the product on the go, more precisely and with less risk of smudging it all over the place! – Been there, done that, so so many times now hahaha

I love pretty, shiny things, specially when you carry it around on your make up bag! 🙂




Yes the packaging is dreamy but what about the make up itself?


Eyeshadows: The colors are absolutely gorgeous! They are quite pigmented and last all day, without me using my primer. The eyeshadows are so light and they blend really well, it truly feels like a second skin! One of the best parts for me, is that you can remove the eyeshadows from the palette, either to replace it when you use it all, or simply to customize it to your own taste!

Blush: I have only purchased the Pink Glow Brush so far. Once again, it blends really well and truly gives you a glow! The blush also has a glittery side to it, which for a summer day makes you look radiant.

Eyeliner/Lipliner: Both are quite long lasting. I can easily apply them and they do not Smudge!!! I have a huge problem with raccoon eyes when using eyeliners hahaha.

I am actually quite excited to purchase the lip products and try them on, as I have heard wonders about it!

Have you got any product recommendations? I am always on the hunt for new brands to fall in love with! If so, just leave me a comment down below!

Lots of love,

Laurean x


OOTD #Saturday Brunch

Hi y’all!

Hope your weekend is going well so far! Just sharing with you guys the outfit of the day.

Today me and Olly went to Chelmsford for a brunch and a bit of window shopping, as Valentine’s day is just around the Corner. Here is what I went for today10967019_10205443787110880_105712093_n

Faux Leather trousers: H&M bought on sales last year for £10

Textured Polo-Neck top: H&M bought in the winter sales £10

Scarf : Primark £4

Shoes: Primark they were a gift 🙂

Lord and Berry lipstick in Secret Garden RRP: £12

Necklace: Primark £4

What are you rocking this Saturday?

Lots of love,

Laurean x

3 shades of nail polish I’m rocking at the moment.

Hi y’all!

Nail polishes… I absolutely love them, but when it comes to painting my nails, I truly believe the brushes hate me!

Very rarely I can paint my nails and be completely wowed by my painting skills… As I said rarely hahaha.


Nonetheless, I keep going, as I hate the thought of sitting on a chair at the Nail bar and listening to some scary but entertaining conversation, by people less interesting that the conversation itself. Yeap I pass 😉

This are my favorite colors and possibly, nail polish brands!polish 2


When purchasing nail polishes, I always look for a wide applicator or a easy to spread one. That allows me to paint my nails with 3 strokes, without making it uneven.

I also have the weird tendency of chipping my nails a couple of hours after painting them **sigh** losing battle.

What I really love about the 3 nail polishes above is the fact that they actually, resist my destructive tendencies very well with no complaints. They also dry extra fast ans I rarely apply a second coat to reach the desirable colour. Unless, I’m going for the ‘In your face, I just got my nails done!’ kinda look.

Nails Inc (Wigmore Street), has come as an offer from Glamour Magazine (Bargain £2). The RRP for most products is: £14.

Lola (shade Blueberry): The brand is actually Spanish!! (love, love, love p.s I’m not Spanish 😛 ) In the uk you can buy it at M&S  RRP: £8

Rimmel London (Lasting finish Black Cab): Dries fast, lasts a long period of time and super affordable?! It works for me! RRP: £2.99


What nails are you rocking at the moment?

Lots of Love,

Laurean x

**Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.**


Brand Focus – KORRES ❤

Hi y’all,

I have absolutely obsessing over Korres at the moment.

A couple of months ago, I was on the lookout for a foundation/s that is light, but that also provides a good medium coverage.

Since I have combination skin, heavy foundations are a big no-no.

I have read about Korres in Magazines, but never paid much interest and attention to it. One day, however, I was searching on ebay (as I do most of the time hahaha) and came across it. Some of the reviews I read were mixed so,  I decided to have an impulse buy and leave it out to faith.

foundI first ordered the Ginger and Vitamins foundation – my shade is LF4 – and oh boy! I am actually beyond pleased :).

The formula is super light and moisturizes my skin from morning to night! It contains SPF10.

2 months ago, I have decided to purchase the Wild Rose foundation -my shade is WRF4 – and same reaction.Super pleased with it. It actually is SPF20, which is great. Very easy to blend and it adapts to my skin colour very well. Once again very light on the skin and after a while, it feels like I’m not even wearing makeup.10951348_10205442449237434_2730170_n

Overall, I would recommend both foundations above, as I definitely will buy them again, besides the Packaging is soooo cute!

The price is super affordable, specially if you buy it on Ebay, from verified sellers. (Price range £ 5 to £8, depending on seller).

Just a note: One the facts that makes me love the brand so so so much, is the fact that it was created by a Greek couple and I love Greece!!! 🙂 Just click on Korres to visit they official Website.found 1

Korres has range of makeup and skin & body care products. I am yet to try their lip care range as I heard wonders of it.

Get involved guys! Let me know if…

  • Have you tried any Korres products yourself?
  • What would you recommend?

Any other brands you think are awesome and I should give it a try?

Lots of Love,

Laurean x

**Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.**

Favourite Lipstick Brand of January : Topshop

Hi y’all 🙂

I have been enjoying colour on my lips, quite a lot lately.10966569_10205428086238368_730866433_n

I am also on a mission to build up my lipstick collection, even though I have got 70…. (Who needs that many anyways lol)

For me is mandatory that a lipstick provides moisture and a healthy look to my lips and the Topshop lipsticks do just that.

The colours are fabulous and the quality superb. Plus the price is quite affordable: £8 per lipstick!!!

New SkitchI currently have the lipstick in the following shades: Wicked, Suspected and Mink 🙂  I have purchased Whimsical, Drive,  Boardroom and Nevada, just awaiting for delivery now.

Have you got any other brands that you are rocking at the moment?

Lots of love,

Laurean x

Where have I been? Being lost in happiness

Hi y’all!

I hope you are well!

It has been a year since a stop blogging, not by choice but because sometimes life catches you and you simply can’t run away from it.

The past year has been a year of discovery and more ups than downs.

I have never been this happy, nonetheless I have never been so lost. When you are with someone, life is no longer about the choices that you make on your own, but simply about choices that you make for the good of both parties.

Me and my boyfriend moved to a new place 7 months ago and we could not be happier. I think people truly believed we wouldn’t last, purely because of our views in life. We are so different yet so alike.

So why am I lost when I’m the happiest I have ever been?

I found out that we can loose our identity in happiness – at least it has happen to me. I have let go of my dreams and goals, as I stop seeing them as an advantage, but as a cause of ruin for a relationship. I wanted to move again, go around backpacking and meeting the world no matter what it came, but I got stuck. I am unable to do so, and it is my own decision on the ground that this would thorn us apart.

To be honest, I feel like contentment is for me, the same that sand is for camels. I can be quite demanding and somehow, what some call giving their all, is far too little for me. I… I take it as it comes, always in the hope for more.

Have suffered from depression does not aid this feelings either.

I am 22 (23 in July this year)  have a full time job, rent a cottage with my partner, but my essence of my older days is missing. The flame I once had is fading slowly.

Yet I’m happy, but I’m lost. The job I have now does not satisfy me. It’s far from the career I wanted when I moved to London. Is just a job to help pay the bills and rent, and some small luxuries, nothing else.

I usually make New years resolutions, but this year I have not done it… Until now. I am making New years resolution for life!

I commit to find myself in HAPPINESS and walk my own path with guidance from above.

I commit to love myself and give myself more credit for what I do.

I commit to work harder to achieve what I always wanted and more.

I commit to embrace and treat myself to nice things and things I wanted.

I commit to love and achieving success.

Blogging is something that I thoroughly enjoy and have let go of. So here I am again and this time I hope that is for good.

Are you going to something similar to me??

Please reach out and let me know. It encourages to hear people that have managed to rise above it and stand up tall.

Thanks for all your love in advance guys!!!

P.S Posts about beauty to follow

Lots of Love,

Laurean x

La la’s Wedding wonders

Weddings are so much fun!

You cry, you laugh, you just simply can’t stop smiling. True, isn’t it?

Growing up I didn’t attend a bunch of   weddings, as my mum was quite unsociable and still is! But the ones that I attended, weren’t exactly my dream wedding or a wedding I aspire to have. Well I suppose it does not matter, as I was only a guest! hahaha look at me being critical unintentionally. What matters is that they were happy and their day was great! (I think I just redeemed myself 😉 )

As you know I have a huge passion for Brides Magazine! They are simply the best, when it comes to creative ideas with a budge.

While browsing their online website I came across this fun creative ideas! Two for table lightning and One for a favour.

Jam Jar Light

“For a magical effect, twist a string of fairy lights into a jar.” Brides Magazine


*For the rest of instructions please press the image or this link!

Bright Light

Don’t you just love Barn weddings? I love Candles and the whole rustic ambience. I just love the feeling of it!

Candle table lights are definitely a nice touch to a wedding, either as a favour or a part of the decoration. Specially when they are home-made! They are effortless to make and carry a personalise part of you, since you invested your time on doing it!

Check this out!

tealightholde4rs_brd_nov13_mag_b_320x480 *For the rest of instructions please press the image or this link!

Bombon Jars

Sweets? Who doesn’t like them? Maybe your friend on a South Beach Diet, or perhaps that grumpy person that only loves salty foods. Oh well… SPOILERS. hahaha

Nonetheless, that shouldn’t stop you from using this idea, as a gift/favour to your beloved guests. Once again you can personalise its contents and the its exterior. There an infinite combinations of things you can put on a jar! From Bonbons, to proverbs, to salty peanuts, to nuts in general, to jokes!

You can choose whatever pleases you and what really fits the occasion! Just don’t forget to change the name of the Jar!


 *For the rest of instructions please press the image or this link!

For more creative ideas visit: Brides Magazine!

They have the utmost creative ideas for every type of Wedding! So if you are getting married any time soon, visit the website for more great ideas!

Do you have photos of your wedding? Ideas and tips you want to share! Drop me an emails with photos and your ideas, comment below or hashtag : #lalagoesbridal!

If you have an instagram follow me for more tips and ideas!

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Lots of love Laurean X